A mixture of the most soothing, moisturizing and natural ingredients kissed with the most tranquilizing aromas for your bath time. Our bath milk powder will give your skin a very soft touch feeling after using this product while also conditioning your skin with the mixture of cocoa butter added. As you fill your tub with warm water, youthen add our amazing bath milk powder to get a bubble bath like sensation with a burst of pleasurable aroma your skin will thank you for later.

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General Description

We use nothing but the best selective natural and organic ingredients in all of our body treats, scented with top essential oils and premium fragrance oils. The quality of our products are exceptional which shows within every item. Treat your body today with Le’Aura body treats.

Product Details

1 Bath Milk Powder
Parabeans Free
Infused With Natural And Organic Ingredients
Gift Wrapping Available


Pomegranate, Peppermint, Sugar & Spice, Bath Of Roses


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